Leadership Team

Mr. P C Jalan

Mr. PC Jalan, Chairman of Grovy India Limited is an esteemed member of ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). A financial expert with an experience of more than 30 years in commodities and the stock market, he is efficiently directing and administering all the financial and business planning of the company, including analysis and forecasting, setting up the framework for internal control, management of the business system and all operating funds comprising of company’s working capital.

Mr. PC Jalan, the man behind the company is a dynamic leader who has given a new perspective to the Indian construction industry. Under his headship, Grovy India Limited has achieved many milestones in the business. As an active businessman, he has created a strong foundation of the company. Mr Jalan is also a strong believer in community development, which led him to make noteworthy contributions in social causes.

He’s currently an active member and President (2019 - 2020) of Rotary Club; Delhi Divine. Mr. P C Jalan has made a value system that is the key reason for the success of the company and this system is followed by his successors Nishit Jalan (CEO) and Ankur Jalan (Chief Financial Officer) of Grovy India. Mr Jalan’s transparent working style and ethical values have been inherited by these two energetic leaders.

Mr Ankur Jalan 

Mr. Ankur Jalan is a distinguished professional whose educational foundation and expertise have culminated in remarkable achievements within the realm of construction and project management. Armed with a B.Tech degree from Manipal University and a Masters in Construction Management from the University of Salford, Jalan's journey is a testament to his commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

Ankur Jalan's journey is a tale of academic excellence, specialized knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to translating vision into reality. As the realm of construction and project management continues to evolve, his unique blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen will undoubtedly shape the landscape, solidifying his status as a true visionary in his field.

In a world where the built environment intertwines with innovation, Ankur Jalan stands as an embodiment of education, expertise, and determination. His journey showcases the limitless potential that can be realized through the seamless fusion of knowledge and practical application.

Mr Amit Mehta

In the realm of versatile professionals, Amit Mehta stands out as an individual with a wealth of experience spanning multiple industries, including telecom, fintech, and real estate. With a track record of accomplishments, Amit brings a unique blend of skills and insights that have contributed significantly to his success in these dynamic sectors.

Amit Mehta's professional journey continues to evolve. His unique background equips him with a well-rounded perspective that few possess. As industries interconnect in the modern business landscape, individuals like Mehta are poised to be catalysts for innovation and growth.

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